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Havasu Palooza

Havasu Palooza

Get ready for a fantastic country concert experience here in Lake Havasu City! Not only will there be great music, but it will be played from a floating stage that will rest on the shoreline of The Beach Shack Rentals Beach (next to the London Bridge Beach) and facing Thompson Bay. The lineup includes Brad Johnson & Killin’ Time Band, Redneck Rodeo, and Chris Lozano & the Dixie Playboys. More to be announced, please check the event website.

Certified EMT divers, safety patrol boats, and lifeguards will ensure the safety of all attending the event, and a safety lane will work as a buffer between the float area and each of the mooring rows for boats, which will act similarly to concert seating. Personal watercraft will roam the mooring rows and assist in safely securing boats to the mooring line. Bands are scheduled to begin playing at 11am and up to 4 bands may perform until 5:30pm, at which time the patrol boats and personal watercrafts will assist boaters in exiting the area. Please arrive early to allow ample time for mooring up.

For boaters who will be mooring inside of the event:

To assist with personal safety and fire prevention, when moored inside of the event, please:

-Turn boat motor and battery off

-Keep safety aisles clear of floaters

-Swimmers are not allowed in the water without floatation devices

-Floaters must stay close to their own boats

-Do not swim along safety aisles or to the floating area in front of the stage

-Do not leave mooring spot unless you are leaving the event

-Before untying to leave, please use your red flag to flag down assistance for safety purposes; thoroughly check boat perimeter for floaters prior to starting motor and communicate with neighboring boaters.

-If you need assistance at any time, please use your red flag to for an event volunteer.

For safety purposes, there is a courtesy request for all non-ticket holders to not moor outside of the event.

There will be two pontoons for boat entry, they will assist all boaters with the mooring process. Boaters will not moor on their own without assistance and guidance for safety purposes. Boaters will wait outside of the event until 8 a.m. when anchor management will be available to assist them with this process. Instructions will be given at one of the pontoons for boat entry.

There will be food and boat vendors set up along the shoreline. Please bring cash, as there will not be an ATM on site and some vendors might not accept a card. Please don’t forget to bring water, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, etc. Lily pads will be supplied in front of the stage in the floating area. Please check the FAQ page of the event website for more tips.

Floaters and boaters are able to bring in their own non-alcohol beverages and coolers into the event; alcohol will be permitted to be brought in (no glass containers) with its possession and consumption in accordance with all city and state laws (only 21+ years or older)
There will be no beverage vendors (either non-alcohol or alcohol) at the event.

A shuttle boat will patrol to provide mooring occupants rides to the shore to utilize restrooms or to enjoy the floating area.

Boats on the mooring line must supply their own anchors. Once moored, boats must be shut off.

Boats with mooring tickets are invited to arrive as early as sunrise, though they will not be permitted to enter the mooring area until volunteers assisting with anchor management arrive at 8am.

Floatation devices are required if you are in the water.

Tickets are $20 per person of at least 15 years old for land or water admission.

There will be assistance to help boats moor safely.

General admission on-the-water boat parking will be available along mooring lines after the VIP section. Ticket cost for general admission boat parking will be equal to the number of people aged 15 or older on the boat. (i.e. two people = $40, eight people = $160).

Two pontoon boats will be positioned in Thompson Bay to sell tickets the day of the event as spots are available. Cash only will be accepted.

Boaters are able to have coolers on board just as they would on any other day on the lake.

However, it is strongly encouraged for safety purposes for all passengers to remain in the boat at all times. If passengers choose to take a quick dip into the water for cooling purposes, it is asked that passengers remain close to their vessel and use a flotation device.

There will be roving water taxis that will be able to take boat passengers to and from land to access restrooms and food vendors.

Refunds are available up to 7 days before the event. Children under 14 are free and must be accompanied by a ticket-carrying adult. Tickets can be purchased from Eventbrite via this link, from the patrol boats on the day of the event, or at the Havasu Palooza Box Office on the day of the event, September 15, 2018. Box Office will be open from 6am to 6pm and will only accept cash.

London Bridge Beach – Free
Island Inn – $20
Lake Havasu Marina – $10

Havasu Palooza is accepting vendor booths and volunteers for the Havasu Palooza Country Music Boating Festival for Saturday, September 15th, 2018. Vendors and attendees are allowed to start arriving at sunrise. For a small fee you can participate in this event by bringing your food, product or service to the public along the shoreline. Volunteers are needed for a variety of duties and times, including patrol boat volunteers. Please visit event website for more information.

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